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New Territory Market Analysis

So, I just spent a happy weekend building a data set for a new market initiative.  There are several potential uses of this data set from a government contracting perspective.  First, I hope to build local relationships with government contractors who may need technical communications or strategic communications support (short term).  Second, I hope to partner with local non-competitors as an economically-disadvantaged, woman-owned small business to compete for government contracts (mid range).  Third, by understanding geographical counts per trade, I gain an understanding of supply chain “agility” per a given service or product in a given region.  Finally, how many of these non-set-aside companies do actually qualify?  Potentially, I can determine sub-sets of entities with development needs to nurture and support (long-range).

So far, this data represents what is publicly available via

Screen Shot 2020-02-23 at 21.07.55

This week, I’m pin-pointing one city as my first focus, and cross-referencing this information with the awards info that is published on  I have about 7k entries in total, and I’ll be leveraging categories to cluster data with immediate value, working outwards in geographic radius.  I hope to create some personal connections in this wild, beautiful region, and I’m excited for the excuse to work from the road.

Potentially a skills training video to follow this week, with focus on VLOOKUP and data-cleaning techniques in Excel.  I am anxious to see how Wyoming compares to Nebraska (my two favorite states).

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